Phare Médica undertakes to use all necessary means to promote compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the area of ​​social responsibility and the environment. Phare Médica also plans to continuously improve its performance through its entrepreneurial decisions.

Social responsibility commitments

  • Build a good relationship with the local community, by supporting charities and sponsoring local events.
  • Minimize our impact on the environment and reduce pollution and waste by using energy efficiency measures, by being aware and by doing preventive maintenance.
  • Take into account the life cycle of our products and equipment by designing them to be as durable as possible.

Environmental responsibility commitments

  • Comply with environmental laws and attributable requirements.
  • Evaluate the foreseeable impacts on the environment resulting from our activities and our procurement actions.
  • Reduce our environmental impact in general by promoting the purchase of local suppliers to reduce greenhouse gases related to the transport of goods.
  • Become aware of our ecological footprint during decision-making processes, by encouraging environmentally friendly and cleaner technologies.
  • Accept commitment to environmental principles and demonstrate sustained improvement.


Managers and employees must be aware of these guidelines and always take into account the company's social and environmental responsibility commitments adopted on April 1, 2020.