Design of a new product

Can't find the product you're looking for? We can design it for you!

  • A design project is often much less expensive than you might think.

  • A personalized product can greatly help you stand out from the competition.

  • The expertise of our engineering team combined with requests for improvement made by your customers and/or users, ensures you a product that meets new market standards.

  • The experience of our staff and our numerous partners allows us to optimize the profitability of the processes involved in the tailor-made design of your product.


At Phare Médica, we provide you with solutions in a very short time, sometimes even within a few hours.

Because design and engineering is often the introduction to the turnkey product development process, here are the different stages that are linked, via our different departments:

  1. Customer needs 

  2. Engineering & product design

  3. Presentation of proposals with different options

  4. Free quote and quick return times 

  5. Optimization and adjustments

  6. Technical drawings

  7. Design, labeling and identification

  8. Validation  

  9. Manufacturing

  10. Approval under different standards such as:

  11. ASTM, DIN, NPN, ISO, FDA, CE, Health Canada, CSA… 

  12. Packaging

  13. Logistics