Our Inventory Management and Government Reserve of Medical Equipment service is a strategic initiative that aims to ensure adequate preparation and effective response during medical emergency situations. Our service offers to set up, in partnership with government authorities, stocks of essential medical equipment in strategic locations across the country as well as production lines using the ''P_PP (Bridge - Ready to Produce)'' method. ', developped by Phare Médica, thus eliminating excess inventory and reducing warehousing and logistics costs. These stocks include a diverse range of equipment.

Our dedicated team provides proactive inventory management, ensuring they are always ready to be deployed quickly when needed. This includes regular maintenance, quality checks and inventory updates to ensure their reliability and operational efficiency. In addition, we will work closely with various government agencies to develop emergency response plans, determine priority needs and coordinate the distribution of equipment when necessary.

Additionally, our service offers advanced inventory tracking and management solutions, using innovative technologies such as computerized inventory management systems and real-time tracking tools. This allows for more efficient resource management and increased responsiveness to fluctuations in demand during emergency situations.

Overall, our goal is to provide essential support to government authorities and healthcare professionals during medical crises, helping to save lives, mitigate the effects of health emergencies, and protect public health in a manner overall, while reducing the risks of excess inventory and obsolete inventory.