Place of manufacture

Diversified global manufacturing brings to Phare Médica exceptional strength in terms of reliability and availability of materials in the supply chain. To choose the manufacturing location that will best suit your situation, we take into account:

  • Your geographic location;

  • The policies in force in your country or in the country of your users;

  • Budget allocated to the project.



2 partner factories manufacturing plastic instruments and equipment: 

  • Protective equipment (glasses, visors, screens, etc.);

  • Laboratory equipment (burettes, graduated containers, sampling containers, etc.);

  • Specialized classification equipment (display, etc.);

  • Various distributors: masks, disinfectant gel, etc.

1 surgical mask factory (adult 1-2-3 pediatric 1-2-3 MRI compatible and N95)

partner factories in manufacturing of metal instruments and equipment (aluminum, steel, stainless steel) 

  • Bases for vending machines;

  • Hand washing stations;

  • Various wall brackets;

  • IV pole;

  • Utility carts.


1 partner factory in the manufacturing of specialized equipment and furniture (aluminum, steel, stainless metals) such as:  

  • Case trolleys, available custom-made;

1 partner factory manufacturing law enforcement equipment.


3 partner factories manufacturing personal protective equipment:

  • medical examination gloves;

  • Surgical masks;

  • Electrodes.