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Over time, society evolves positively or negatively on several aspects thanks to the constant learning of human beings. In a workplace, for example, regulations and procedures are constantly increasing, based on experience, in order to ensure the safety of workers. Among these directives governed by the Commission for Standards of Equity in Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) is the regulation on first aid equipment.

Indeed, in a workplace, the presence of first aid kits is imperative. The number of kits and their contents are determined by the number of employees present in the workplace, as well as by the level of risks relating to the area concerned. It is also essential for the employer to carry out checks after a certain time, in order to replace missing products or those which have expired, for example.

The standards imposed by the CNESST exist in order to protect employees from possible injuries, for example, but also to protect the employer from the repercussions that this injury could cause.

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