Masque Élite ASTM Compatible IRM

The MRI-compatible procedure mask is a mask whose metal nose strip has been replaced by a plastic strip. Why ? The reason is simple, some patients who had magnetic resonance imaging burned the top of their nose with the metal strip.

Indeed, the use of powerful magnets as well as the presence of radio waves caused facial burns in some patients. Considering that anyone undergoing an MRI is required to remove any metal object they may have in their possession, it is logical that the masks are also devoid of it.

We therefore designed an MRI-compatible mask to overcome this problem, considering, among other things, the health measures requiring patients to wear a face covering at all times.

We then replaced the metal band with a specific plastic band with flexibility that conforms to the shape of the face and stays in that shape, so that our masks are risk-free for patients and healthcare professionals. who use them.

Finally, our MRI-compatible masks have the same Elite technology as our regular procedure masks. They are therefore just as effective and all the more secure in contexts where metal is to be avoided.

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